Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Funny Birthday Facebook Event Description

somersault our legislators

in Kommersant today released article titled "Self FSB. The article does not apply to information security, but here I will give some notes:

"... Mandatory requirements for" counter-terrorism security facilities will be established by the Government presentation and offer relevant ministries, as well as the FSB and the Interior Ministry, "said deputy Rozuvan ...."

"... Who will be the main coordinator of activities or will ensure that all preventive measures if anyone is in that much? "- figured Valeria Lekareva (Fair Russia). In order to avoid" orgy of law, we and determine that the government taking into account proposals of ministries and departments clearly defined set of activities, "said Mr. Rozuvan ...."

".... The concept of the bill, in his opinion, boils down to the fact that "salvation is drowning in Russia, the handiwork of drowning." In his opinion, the bill should be given at least "the criteria of security of buildings." Or, now, each "factory, plant, warehouse should be besieged wondered spravoross, According to which anti-terrorism commission on the ground already send a business structure with a list of prescription-binding anti-terrorism measures ....."

"..." list is hundreds of thousands and sometimes tens of millions of rubles, "- he said. In addition, terrorist attacks in Russia occur in most major cities, in the North Caucasus and in the surrounding regions to it. "But now the prevention of terrorism at his own expense will be required to do even" municipalities Far North, where in the last 2 thousand years has not happened a single attack "...."

"... All this" prevention will result in higher prices, "through which businessmen will be compensated their spending on counter-terrorism security ...."

"... However, the performances spravorossov did not affect the opinion of the Duma majority, which approved bill on first reading ...."

Colleagues, you are nothing like? No analogy is not suggests?

way where there our bill Reznik ? I remember at the conferences in February, the City Council declared the public hearing on the possible update of the bill ... dull as in the tank .... but what longer time stretches, the greater the risk of hasty and ill-considered decisions. Prior to July 1, remained the only 1,5 months. And here also adopted law on licensing somewhat spoiled the mood.

way at the end of the year we have elections to the Duma, so that the hope for a normal and productive law-melts with each day, as head of our councilors will be busy with other problems.


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